The Gamer’s New Lens

There’s a hallway at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that’s green on one side, blue on the other. The path in between it is like a fashion show runway, and each day, at the world’s biggest gaming event, thousands walk through with the same thought in mind, “Xbox or Playstation?”

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Lenovo A7000 to launch via online flash sale

The world’s 3rd largest smartphone vendor Lenovo is switching strategies in an effort to widen its lead over Chinese rivals Huawei and Xiaomi.

On Tuesday, May 13, the tech company announced it was launching its next budget smartphone – the A7000, simultaneously across 6 ASEAN countries, exclusively via “flash sales” on online retailer     

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Filipinos under attack from Cyber Criminals

In 2015 the technology catchphrase is the “Internet of Things” – interconnected devices, on the Internet, sharing data, and helping users make smarter choices about their lives.

Security expert Eugene Kaspersky warns that while this comes with benefits, it too brings with it the “Internet of Threats.” While this view of things to come is pessimistic at best, it is also very real, too real in fact for users in the Philippines.

During it’s CyberSecurity Summit held alongside Interpol World in Singapore 2015 – security company Kaspersky Labs revealed two recently uncovered cybercrimes that involve the Philippines.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Pretty darn amazing

Yesterday was a really hot day.

Exhausted and looking forward to an ice cold beer, I looked down at my phone as I took the final steps towards the gastropub where I had scheduled my last two meetings of the day.

An unusual thought caught me by surprise, “Boy, does my phone look stunning or what?!”

Never did I think I’d have these words to say about a Samsung phone, but today, I was basking in the sheer beauty of the shiny, new Galaxy S6 Edge.

It’s been a long time coming, but let’s back track a bit. While it’s been the dominant force in the smartphone industry for many years now, Samsung has never been famous for superior design. If we’re talking about adjectives – thin, light, innovative, and sturdy are some of the words journalists have thrown around. Pretty, maybe. But stunning? Not in a million years.

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Facebook’s global conquest

In the time of Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus, expanding borders meant sailing the world to conquer new worlds. Planting a nation’s flag was symbolic of claiming new plots of land.

In the digital age, where only physical and economic boundaries draw the dividing lines of this singular, global village, expansion is about connecting. The next frontier, chased after by the powers that be, are regions of the world not connected to the Internet.

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Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Philippine Pricing

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones are coming to the Philippines on April 18, following its global release on April 10.

The Philippines is one of the few markets where the flagship S6 will ship as a dual-SIM phone (1 LTE + 1 GSM nanoSIM), a nod to the unique needs of the Filipino user. The S6 Edge will come in a single-SIM configuration only.  

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Are you ready for the Apple Watch?

There’s no other moment in tech history like that fateful day in June 2007 when Apple unveiled the original iPhone. It was a pivotal moment that would change the world forever, that singular moment in time that ushered in the smartphone revolution.

Since then, we’ve waited for the next big thing, the next revolutionary invention that would push the world forward. We’ve seen glimpses coming out of Google’s top-secret Google X labs. Products like Google Glass and self driving cars – neither of which are ready for prime time.

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Mobile World Congress 2015 Highlights

Edge phones, Facebook drones, and a Chinese-smartwatch round up the highlights from this year’s Mobile World Congress which took place in Barcelona last week. Attracting its largest crowd ever, the annual mobile-tech event was as hot as the weather was cold – which is neither here nor there. The show had no surprises, only spoilers, some hits and some misses – here are some of them.

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Sticker Mania

You know how some kids beg their parents for that shiny new toy or colorful bag of sweets when they’re out shopping? That’s what the impassioned plea of Stacy De Jesus, one of my project leads, sounded like when she came up to me one day to ask if we could switch from WhatsApp to Line.

Call it a first world problem, but the dilemma was real, and the request, serious.

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Galaxy’s Last Stand

Back in the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs often found himself on site visits at Sony’s headquarters in Japan. Jobs was fascinated with everything Sony and often took inspiration from the Japanese-tech giant, says journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi whose closely covered Sony for several decades.

Hayashi tells me, even Jobs’ now trademark black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers are said to have been inspired by Sony’assembly-line uniform.

At the pinnacle of its success, Sony was in many ways the inspiration for up and comer Apple.

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Building the perfect smartphone

It’s that time of the year again. In just over a month, several of the world’s biggest names in smartphones will unveil a new crop of flagship smartphones, each brand’s pièce de résistance for 2015.

The annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is where it’s all expected to go down. Everyone but Apple is expected to be there, and for those aiming for smartphone supremacy, the stakes are higher than ever.

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Is the PC dead?

While all signs point to the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, American technology company Dell is casting its bets on what it calls, “the resurgence of the PC”.

It’s an interesting proposition, particularly considering Microsoft – maker of the Windows operating system has been pushing its tablet based computer, the Surface Pro 3, as an alternative to the standard laptop.

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