Mobile World Congress 2015 Highlights

Edge phones, Facebook drones, and a Chinese-smartwatch round up the highlights from this year’s Mobile World Congress which took place in Barcelona last week. Attracting its largest crowd ever, the annual mobile-tech event was as hot as the weather was cold – which is neither here nor there. The show had no surprises, only spoilers, some hits and some misses – here are some of them.

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Sticker Mania

You know how some kids beg their parents for that shiny new toy or colorful bag of sweets when they’re out shopping? That’s what the impassioned plea of Stacy De Jesus, one of my project leads, sounded like when she came up to me one day to ask if we could switch from WhatsApp to Line.

Call it a first world problem, but the dilemma was real, and the request, serious.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 (S6 Edge) Hands-On

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are Samsung’s most premium looking phones yet. Samsung ditches plastic and faux leather for glass and aluminum. Forget bezels, the S6 Edge’s display seemingly wraps around the phone, and is stunning. Specs-wise the phone gets only incremental improvements but comes with built-in fast wireless charging, a even better camera, and a new and improved fingerprint scanner that works! Check out my hands-on review.

Galaxy’s Last Stand

Back in the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs often found himself on site visits at Sony’s headquarters in Japan. Jobs was fascinated with everything Sony and often took inspiration from the Japanese-tech giant, says journalist Nobuyuki Hayashi whose closely covered Sony for several decades.

Hayashi tells me, even Jobs’ now trademark black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers are said to have been inspired by Sony’assembly-line uniform.

At the pinnacle of its success, Sony was in many ways the inspiration for up and comer Apple.

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