Filipinos under attack from Cyber Criminals

In 2015 the technology catchphrase is the “Internet of Things” – interconnected devices, on the Internet, sharing data, and helping users make smarter choices about their lives.

Security expert Eugene Kaspersky warns that while this comes with benefits, it too brings with it the “Internet of Threats.” While this view of things to come is pessimistic at best, it is also very real, too real in fact for users in the Philippines.

During it’s CyberSecurity Summit held alongside Interpol World in Singapore 2015 – security company Kaspersky Labs revealed two recently uncovered cybercrimes that involve the Philippines.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Pretty darn amazing

Yesterday was a really hot day.

Exhausted and looking forward to an ice cold beer, I looked down at my phone as I took the final steps towards the gastropub where I had scheduled my last two meetings of the day.

An unusual thought caught me by surprise, “Boy, does my phone look stunning or what?!”

Never did I think I’d have these words to say about a Samsung phone, but today, I was basking in the sheer beauty of the shiny, new Galaxy S6 Edge.

It’s been a long time coming, but let’s back track a bit. While it’s been the dominant force in the smartphone industry for many years now, Samsung has never been famous for superior design. If we’re talking about adjectives – thin, light, innovative, and sturdy are some of the words journalists have thrown around. Pretty, maybe. But stunning? Not in a million years.

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